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jadwal Movie Release 2010-2012

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    Default jadwal Movie Release 2010-2012

    Release Date Movie

    January, 2010
    January, 1---Case 39---Paramount Pictures

    January, 8---Leap Year---Universal
    January, 8---Daybreakers---Lionsgate
    January, 8---Youth in Revolt---Weinstein/Dimension
    January, 8---Crazy on the Outside---Freestyle Releasing

    January, 15---The Book of Eli---Warner Bros.
    January, 15---Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil---Weinstein Co.
    January, 15---The Spy Next Door---Lionsgate
    January, 15---The Lovely Bones (expansion to wide release)---Paramount Pictures
    January, 22---Legion---Sony Pictures
    January, 22---The Tooth Fairy---20th Century Fox
    January, 22---The Back-up Plan---CBS Films
    January, 22---Extraordinary Measures---CBS Films
    January, 22---Creation---Newmarket Films
    January, 22---To Save a Life (limited)

    January, 29---Edge of Darkness---Warner Bros.
    January, 29---When in Rome---Buena Vista
    January, 29---Preacher's Kid (limited)---Gener8xion Entertainment
    January, 29---Hidden (limited)---After Dark
    January, 29---Zombies of Mass Destruction (limited)---After Dark

    February, 2010
    February, 5---From Paris With Love---Lionsgate
    February, 5---Dear John---Sony/Screen Gems
    February, 5---I Love You, Phillip Morris (limited)---Consolidated Pictures Group

    February, 6---Bob Marley Documentary (limited)

    February, 12---Valentine's Day---Warner Bros.
    February, 12---The Wolf Man---Universal
    February, 12---Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief---20th Century Fox
    February, 12---Remember Me---Summit Entertainment
    February, 12---I Love You, Phillip Morris (expansion to wide release)---Consolidated Pictures Group
    February, 12---A Prophet (limited)---Sony Pictures Classics

    TBA---Night of the Demons (limited)---Seven Arts Pictures

    February, 19---Shutter Island---Paramount Pictures

    February, 26---A Couple of Cops---Warner Bros.
    February, 26---The Crazies---Overture Films
    February, 26---Takers---Sony/Screen Gems

    March, 2010
    March, 5---Alice in Wonderland---Buena Vista
    March, 5---Brooklyn's Finest---Overture Films

    March, 12---Green Zone---Universal
    March, 12---Our Family Wedding---Fox Searchlight
    March, 12---She's Out of My League---Buena Vista
    TBA---Greenberg (limited)---Focus Features

    March, 19---Hot Tub Time Machine---MGM
    March, 19---Season of the Witch---Lionsgate
    March, 19---Ramona and Beezus---20th Century Fox
    March, 19---City Island (limited)---Anchor Bay Entertainment
    March, 19---Last Night (limited)---Miramax

    March, 26---Clash of the Titans---Warner Bros.
    March, 26---How to Train Your Dragon---Paramount Pictures

    TBA---All Good Things---Weinstein Co.

    April, 2010
    April, 2---The Last Song---Buena Vista
    April, 2---Why Did I Get Married Too?---Lionsgate
    April, 2---Diary of a Whimpy Kid---20th Century Fox
    April, 2---Furry Vengeance---Summit Entertainment
    April, 2---Repo Men---Universal

    April, 9---Date Night---20th Century Fox
    April, 9---The Losers---Warner Bros.
    April, 9---Letters to God (limited)

    April, 16---Kick-Ass---Lionsgate
    April, 16---Death at a Funeral---Sony Pictures
    April, 16---MacGruber---Universal
    April, 16---Piranha 3D---Weinstein/Dimension
    April, 16---Babies (limited)---Focus Features
    April, 16---The Joneses (limited)---Roadside Attractions

    April, 22---Oceans (limited)---Buena Vista

    April, 23---Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps---20th Century Fox

    April, 30---Nightmare on Elm Street, A (2010)---Warner Bros.
    TBA---The Wildest Dream (limited)---National Geographic Entertainment

    May, 2010
    May, 7---Iron Man 2---Paramount Pictures

    May, 14---Untitled Robin Hood Adventure---Universal
    May, 14---Letters to Juliet---Summit Entertainment

    May, 21---Shrek Forever After---Paramount Pictures

    May, 28---Sex and the City 2---Warner Bros.
    May, 28---Prince of Persia: Sands of Time---Buena Vista

    June, 2010
    June, 4---Killers---Lionsgate
    June, 4---Marmaduke---20th Century Fox

    June, 11---The A-Team---20th Century Fox
    June, 11---Kung Fu Kid---Sony Pictures
    June, 11---Get Him to the Greek---Universal

    June, 18---Toy Story 3---Buena Vista
    June, 18---Jonah Hex---Warner Bros.
    June, 18---Footloose---Paramount Pictures

    June, 30---Eclipse---Summit Entertainment

    July, 2010
    July, 2---The Last Airbender---Paramount Pictures

    July, 9---Despicable Me---Universal

    July, 16---Inception---Warner Bros.
    July, 16---The Sorcerer's Apprentice---Buena Vista

    July, 23---Dinner for Schmucks---Paramount Pictures
    July, 23---Salt---Sony/Columbia

    July, 30---Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty---Warner Bros.
    July, 30---Morning Glory---Paramount Pictures
    July, 30---Beastly---CBS Films

    August, 2010
    August, 20---The Expendables---Lionsgate

    August, 27---Resident Evil: Afterlife---Sony Pictures
    August, 27---Lottery Ticket---Warner Bros.

    September, 2010
    September, 1---The American---Focus Features

    September, 10---The Town---Warner Bros.

    September, 17---Roommate, The---Sony Pictures
    September, 17---Flipped---Warner Bros.

    September, 24---Red Dawn---MGM
    September, 24---Guardians of Ga'Hoole---Warner Bros.
    September, 24---You Again---Buena Vista

    October, 2010
    October, 1---Alpha and Omega---Lionsgate
    October, 1---Your Highness---Universal
    October, 1---Priest---Sony Pictures

    October, 8---The Zookeeper---MGM
    October, 8---Secretariat---Buena Vista
    October, 8---Going the Distance---Warner Bros.

    October, 15---Faster---CBS Films

    October, 22---The Prisoners---Warner Bros.

    November, 2010
    November, 5---Oobermind---Paramount Pictures
    November, 5---Due Date---Warner Bros.

    November, 12---Unstoppable---20th Century Fox

    November, 19---Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I---Warner Bros.

    November, 24---Rapunzel---Buena Vista
    November, 24---Burlesque---Sony/Screen Gems
    November, 24---Poltergeist---MGM

    December, 2010
    December, 10---The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader---20th Century Fox

    December, 17---Tron: Legacy---Buena Vista
    December, 17---Yogi Bear 3D---Warner Bros.

    December, 22---The Green Hornet---Sony Pictures
    December, 22---Gulliver's Travels---20th Century Fox
    December, 22---Life as We Know It---Warner Bros.

    December, 31---Leaves of Grass

    To Be Announced 2010
    TBA---Ant-Man---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---Cowboys and Aliens---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---Dirty Tricks---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---Ender's Game---Warner Bros.
    TBA---Fantastic Voyage---20th Century Fox
    TBA---The Fighter---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---Gnomeo and Juliet---Miramax
    TBA---The H-Man Cometh---Universal
    TBA---Logan's Run---Warner Bros.
    TBA---The Lone Ranger---Buena Vista
    TBA---Mortal Kombat 3: Devastation---Universal
    TBA---National Treasure 3---Buena Vista
    TBA---Rainbow Six---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---The Resurrection---Sony Pictures
    TBA---Snow and the Seven---Buena Vista
    TBA---Superman: The Man of Steel---Warner Bros.
    TBA---Time Share---Sony Pictures
    TBA---The Trial of the Chicago 7---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---Voltron---20th Century Fox
    TBA---District B13 - Ultimatum (limited)---Magnolia Pictures

    January, 2011
    January, 14---Cabin in the Woods---MGM
    January, 14---Hong Kong Phooey---Warner Bros.

    January, 21---Underworld 4---Sony Pictures

    January, 28---The Factory---Warner Bros.

    February, 2011
    February, 11---Bobbie Sue---Warner Bros.

    February, 18---Battle: Los Angeles---Sony Pictures

    February, 25---Straw Dogs---Sony Pictures

    March, 2011
    March, 4---I Hop---Universal

    March, 11---Beautiful Girl---Sony Pictures

    March, 18---Rango---Paramount Pictures

    March, 25---Sucker Punch---Warner Bros.

    April, 2011
    April, 8---Rio---20th Century Fox

    April, 15---Stretch Armstrong---Universal

    May, 2011

    May, 5---Spider-Man 4---Sony Pictures

    May, 20---Thor---Paramount Pictures

    May, 26---The Hangover 2---Warner Bros.

    June, 2011
    June, 3---Kung Fu Panda 2---Paramount Pictures

    June, 17---Green Lantern---Warner Bros.

    June, 24---Cars 2---Buena Vista

    July, 2011
    TBA---Transformers 3---Paramount Pictures

    July, 15---Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II---Warner Bros.

    July, 22---The First Avenger: Captain America---Paramount Pictures

    July, 29---Battleship---Universal
    July, 29---The Smurfs---Sony Pictures

    September, 2011
    TBA---Pirates of the Caribbean 4---Buena Vista

    October, 2011
    October, 7---Marvin the Martian---Warner Bros.

    November, 2011
    November, 4---Puss in Boots---Paramount Pictures

    November, 11---Arthur Christmas---Sony Pictures

    November, 18---Happy Feet 2---Warner Bros.

    December, 2011
    December, 23---The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn---Paramount Pictures

    To Be Announced 2011
    TBA---The Bear and the Bow---Buena Vista
    TBA---Dune---Paramount Pictures
    TBA---The Hobbit---Warner Bros.
    TBA---Justice League---Warner Bros.
    TBA---Untitled I Am Legend Prequel---Warner Bros.

    February, 2012
    February, 17---Hotel Transylvania---Sony Pictures

    March, 2012
    March, 30---The Croods---Paramount Pictures

    May, 2012
    May, 4---The Avengers---Paramount Pictures

    May, 25---Madagascar 3---Paramount Pictures

    June, 2012
    TBA---King of the Elves---Buena Vista

    September, 2012
    TBA---Newt---Buena Vista

    November, 2012
    November, 2---The Guardians---Paramount Pictures

    To Be Announced 2012
    TBA---The Hobbit Sequel---Warner Bros.
    TBA---Spider-Man 5---Sony Pictures
    TBA---Tintin 2---Paramount Pictures

    To Be Announced 2013

    TBA---Shrek 5---Paramount Pictures---

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    Default jadwal Movie Release 2010-2012

    jadwal Movie Release 2010-2012 Poster.
    Spoiler for Posters :

    Shrek Forever After

    The Book of Eli


    Transformers 3

    Spiderman 4

    Iron Man 2

    Nightmare on Elm Street

    Prince of Persia:the sands of time


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    ini yng gw tunggu'jadi penasaran...pa lebih seru dr yng sebelum nya..???om naruto...

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