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Latihan / Practise :

Mike Sigel - Run Out Eight Ball by Joss Productions DVD
Bagaimana cara menyelesaikan permainan biliard bola delapan & Trick Shot dari Mike Sigel mantan Juara Dunia Billiard DVD latihan .Copy Original.

Chigago Bug's Bank Game by G.T Inc DVD
Terdiri dari 3 Tahap ; Basic Banks. Intermediate Banks, Advanced Banks . Belajar cara memukul bang / poket / pantulan . Belajar mengetahui sistem Diamond pada meja billiard dari Buggs Rucker pemain billiard professional dunia Copy Original . DVD Latihan .

Earl Strickland My Way by Rack Poll Billiard Inc DVD
Earl Strickland 5x World Champion, 3x US Champion, 5x Player of The Year mengajarkan latihan billiard yg terdiri dari : The Cue ( Stick Billiard ). The Stance ( Posisi Berdiri ), The Bridge ( Posisi tangan & stick bantu ), The Playing Position ( cara penempatan posisi bola yang baik ), Spin ( Efek bola ) , Practicing Drills ( Latihan ), Trick Shot, Power Shots ( kekuatan pukulan ) Copy Original .DVD Latihan .

Booby Burnett - Winning 9 ball DVD
Terdiri dari : The Bridge ( posisi tangan & cara memukul, The Shoulder ( Cara mengayun pukulan ), Pre-Load & Finish , Drills & Exercise
Copy Original . DVD Latihan .

Bob Henning

The Pro Book DVD Series 4 DVD
The Pro Book 1 - The Sweet Sixteen DVD 1
The Pro Book DVD Series is a complete training system for developing and maintaining advanced table skills. It is based on the high-performance reference training section of the Pro Book and can be used independently or in conjunction with the Pro Book. This four DVD set is an organized system for mastering the strategically important shots, safeties, kick safeties, kicks, and banks that form the basis for offensive and defensive play. Here's an overview.

DVD 1, The Sweet Sixteen: Use the reference training breakthrough to build and strengthen your skill; Learn the training guidelines that can revolutionize your practice effectiveness; Open up your "A" game by mastering the 16 root shots of position play; Practice the 14 most important extended shots and become a master of the cue ball.

The Pro Book Video Series Vol 1 - The Sweet Sixteen by Bob Henning DVD 1
Latihan Biliard Tahap 1 dari Bob Henning - Professional Billiard : Praktek & Teory. Belajar memukul & efek bola . Copy Original .

The Pro Book 2 - The Outter Limits DVD 2
The Outer Limits: Understand the shot window concept and simplify your shot selection process; Discover the limits of your position tools and how to pick the right one for each task; Master the 22 boundary shots and eliminate shot selection doubt forever; Learn the extended boundary shots and master moving up and down the table.

The Pro Book Video Series Vol 2 - The Quarter Limit by Bob Henning

Latihan Biliard Tahap 2 dari Bob Henning - Professional Billiard : Praktek & Teory. Belajar cara memukul & efek Bola .
Copy Original .

The Pro Book 3 - It's Hammer Time DVD 3
It's Hammer Time: Learn the seven principles of safety play and strengthen your ability to control the table; Practice the 16 root safeties and win many of the matches you are currently losing; Discover the seven principles of kick safeties and expand your ability to shift momentum; Master the eight strategic kick safeties and stun your opponent with come back ability.

The Pro Book Video Series Vol 3 - It's Hammer Time by Bob Henning

Latihan Biliard Tahap 3 dari Bob Henning - Professional Billiard : Praktek & Teory. Belajar cara safety dalam bermain bilyard / menggelapkan bola .
Copy Original .

The Pro Book 4 - The Great Escape DVD 4
DVD 4, The Great Escape: Understand the strategic kicking zones and reduce the times you give up ball-in-hand; Master the 12 most crucial kicks and be able to fight back with your confidence intact; Learn the eight most strategic bank shots and improve your ability to get back in line; Learn how to make the "hard to judge" banks and get out more often.

The Pro Book Video Series Vol 4 - The Great Escape by Bob Henning DVD 4
Latihan Biliard Tahap 4 dari Bob Henning - Professional Billiard : Praktek & Teory. Bagaimana cara melepaskan diri dari situasi bola gelap dalam bermain bilyard .
Copy Original .

Amazing Trick Shots featuring Steve Mizerak, with Pretty Boy Floyd & Ewa Mataya.

Steve Mizerak, the Master, demonstrates trick shots that have delighted millions of television viewers and billiard fans for more than a decade. Learn the Master's greatest stunts from set-up through execution.

Steve Mizerak is one of the game's all-time legends, a visual player of great skill and charm familiar to TV audiences from his classic "Just Showin' Off" Lite beer commercial. Mizerak has won 76 first place titles since he began playing professionally at age 13. Mizerak performed in "The Color of Money," and "Baltimore Bullet," and has appeared on The Today Show, The David Letterman Show, and sports spectaculars on ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN.

Pretty Boy Floyd has won over 30 major titles since winning his first major title in 1967 at age 17. The former World Champion is a colorful, dynamic shooter, the youngest player ever to win back-to-back world titles in 1971 and 1972. Floyd performed in the motion pictures "The Color of Money," and "Baltimore Bullet."

Ewa Mataya has been a renowned figure on the international billiards scene since winning the Swedish National Championship and the European Championship at age 17. She appeared in "The Color of Money."

Amazing Trick Shots - Steve Mizarak The Master by Red Mountain VCD
Trick Shot memukau dari Steve Mizarak, Ewa Mataya, Pretty Boy Floyd . Copy Original .

Ewa Mataya - Pool's Leading Lady with Steve Mizerak & Pretty Boy Floyd by Red Mountain VCD
Ewa Mataya memberikan dasar bermain billiard yang baik terutama wanita, Floyd mengajarkan cara menempatkan posisi bola yang baik, Steve Mizerak mengajarkan cara dia berlatih billiard agar permainan billiard anda membaik .
Copy Original .

Straight Pool Instructional Videos by ACCU Stats in 1 DVD
Terdiri dari 3 bagian : Jim Rempe - How to Run a Rack in Straight Pool , Jim Rempe - How to Run 100 Balls , Belajar cara menyelesaikan semua bola di meja bilyard, Grady Matthews - Break Shots & Key Balls, Belajar cara Break & Posisi bola . Copy Original . DVD Latihan .

How to Run a Rack in Straight Pool (DVD)
Jim Rempe is without a doubt one of the greatest straight pool players ever to play the game. Here he demonstrates the correct way to play a variety of break shots and the best way to run a rack. As he shoots he points out the problems and how to avoid them. He explains the importance of key balls and acknowledges situations that arise time after time. It's like going to school only much more fun! (60 min.)

How to Run a Hundred Balls (DVD)
Here Jim demonstrates how to pocket ball after ball till you get to a hundred. Then he and Pat Fleming review the run "in the booth" as Jim describes his decisions, his patterns, and the apparent problems and how to avoid them. Jim also shares his secrets on position play and how to break up clusters. (45 min. )

Grady Mathews' Straight Pool Instructional - Break Shots and Key Balls (DVD)
If you think Grady Mathews' best game is one-pocket, think again, because it just might be straight pool! Grady demonstrates the proper technique required to successfully execute a wide variety of break shots and shows us the invaluable way to handle balls. (45 min.)

Robert Byrne

Byrne's Standard Video Of Pool 5 DVD + 1 VCD

Byrne's Standard DVD of Pool & Billiards - Volume I

Never before have the secrets of the game been so clearly explained. This DVD contains everything you need to know about pool, from essential fundamentals to subtle winning technique. Acclaimed teacher Robert Byrne shows you how to pocket balls and position the cue ball better than you thought you could.
VOLUME I includes:
• The cue
• The tip
• The stance
• The grip
• The bridge
• The rake
• The classic stroke
• Aiming • Bank shots
• Center ball position
• The stop shot
• The follow shot
• Draw
• Throw English
• Break shots

Robert Byrne'S Standart Video of Pool & Billiards Vol.1 DVD 1
Robert Byrne'S mengajarkan segala hal yang perlu anda ketahui tentang biliard ; The Cue, The Tip, The Stance, The Grip, The Bridge, The Rack, The Classic Stroke, Aiming, Center Ball Position, The Stop Shot, The Follow Shot, The Draw Shot, Throw, English, Bank Shots, Break Shots .
Copy Original .

Byrne's Standard DVD of Pool & Billiards - Volume II

In the second volume of his acclaimed series, master-teacher Robert Byrne covers the sophisticated skills that experts use. Each aspect is analyzed and demonstrated, with computer generated graphics and frequent review to make everything crystal clear. If you have mastered the basic elements of the game, this DVD will teach you to play like a professional, and even professionals will learn something new from this DVD.
VOLUME II includes:
• Follow
• Draw
• Stop & stun with sidespin
• The tangent line
• Stop, follow & draw at an angle
• Zone, line & angle position • Stun run-through
• Rail shots
• Jump shots
• Masse
• Curve shots

Robert Byrne'S Standart Video of Pool & Billiards Vol.2 DVD 2
Robert Byrne'S mengajarkan Follow with Side Spin, Draw with Side Spin, Stop With Side Spin, The Tangent Line, Stop At an Angel, Follow At an Angel, Draw At an Angel, Stun Run-Through, Position Practise, Zone Position, Line Position, Angle Position, Rail Shots, Carom Shots, Jumps Shots, Masse Shots, Curve Shots .
Copy Original .

Byrne's Standard DVD of Trick Shots - Vol. III & Vol IV Combo

Robert Byrne is back to share trick shots...how to set them up...how to make them. This addition to the popular series is a treasure trove of shots that depend more on knowledge than on extraordinary skill. You will learn what can be done by secretly applying moisture and chalk to balls, by stretching the rules, by making the cue ball jump, by adding props like racks, coins and paper tubes....and much more.

VOLUME IV includes:
• Secret Substances
• Great Escapes
• Felonies
• Jump for Joy


This follow-up tricks tape is packed with terrific shots, stunts, and bits of business, some of them never seen before. The emphasis is on subtleties, cleverness, and secret information. Here you'll find the inside stuff on the classic clusters as well as a generous helping of great banks, jump shots, and novelty items...all of which you can learn to do. You do not need extraordinary skill to learn how to make these shots.

VOLUME IV includes:
• Classic clusters
• Triangle shots
• Railroad shot
• Taking it to the bank

Robert Byrne'S Standart Video of Trick Shots Vol. 3 VCD
Robert Byrne'S mengajarkan Trick Shots, how to set them up, Secret Substances, Great Escapes, Felonies, Jump for Joy .
Copy Original .

Robert Byrne'S Standart Video of Trick Shots Vol. 4 DVD
Robert Byrne'S mengajarkan Trick Shots, dan menunjukkan beberapa trick shot memukau & beberapa yg belum pernah ditunjukkannya meliputi : * Classic clusters * Triangle shots * Railroad shot * Taking it to the bank .
Copy Original .

Byrne`s GameBreakers DVD - Volume V

Master teacher Robert Byrne demonstrates a stunning variety of rare and unusual shots known only to top pool professionals. Dozens of little-known and seldom seen pool shots that can turn defeat into victory. Robert puts you in positions where you thought that you were stuck and it was game over but then shows you there IS a way out. Turn the tables on your opponent and win. Three cameras are used to help explain tricky moves known only to a handful of top players. Discover surprising caroms, follows, draws, and illegality of close quarters cuts. Learn new uses for bank shots, rail first shots, stun run-throughs, and more.

MATCH / Pertandingan


San Miguel Asian 9 Ball tour 2005 Final in Jakarta - Indonesia DVD
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Yang Ching Sun ( Taiwan ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision Race to 11 Hingga Penyerahan Piala. Pertandingan .

San Miguel Asian 9 Ball tour 2006 Round 1 in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam DVD .
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Tepwin Arunnath ( Thailand ) Race to 9 . Gambar setajam Indovision .

San Miguel Asian 9 Ball tour 2006 Semi Final in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam DVD
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Nguyen Phuc-Long ( Vietnam ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision Race to 11 .

San Miguel Asian 9 Ball tour 2006 Final in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam DVD .
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Li He Wen ( China ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision Race to 11 Hingga Penyerahan Piala. Pertandingan .

LI He-Wen – China

Date Of Birth: November 30, 1981.
Based: Shenyang, China.
Hobbies: Basketball
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Winner (with Fu Jian-bo) of the 2007 World Cup of Pool, second at the 2007 China National 9-Ball Championship, semi-finalist at the 2006 World Pool Championship.
Highlight Of Career: Winner (with Fu Jian-bo) of the 2007 World Cup of Pool, second at the 2007 China National 9-Ball Championship, semi-finalist at the 2006 World Pool Championship.

Derby City Classic 2004 in New York by Accu-Stats DVD
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Mika Immonen ( Finlandia ) Race to 7 & Efren Reyes vs Jimmy Wetch Race to 7 .
Copy Original .

Date Of Birth: 17 December 1972
Based: Helsinki
Hobbies: Running, reading, travelling and watching movies
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Runner-up in the 2007 World Cup of Pool, third in the IPT World Open, winner of the Straight Pool Challenge in Derby City, Korea International winner (beating Alcano in final)
Highlight Of Career: World 9-Ball Champion in 2001 (Cardiff), Mosconi Cup winner in 2002, winner of the 2003 Philippine Open by beating Efren Reyes 13-12 after being 10-4 behind.
WPC Record: 97 - QF, 99- Grp Stages, 00- L16, 01- Champion, 02- L64, 03- L16, 04 – L32, 05 - QF, 06 - Group Stages
Cue Used: Mezz Cues with WD 700 Shaft, power break cue
Nickname: Iceman
Favourite Player: Efren Reyes

US Open 2004 9 Ball Championship Final by ACCU Stats DVD
Gabe Owen vs Thorsten Hohmann ( German ) Race to 14 Hingga penyerahan piala & Cek sebesar US $ 30.000 .
Copy Original .

Enjoypool.com Championship Men-s 9 Ball Semifinal in Rivera Hotel & Casino Las Vegas VCD
Ralf Souquet ( German ) vs Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) Rack to 7. Gambar setajam Indovision .

Ralf Souquet
Nickname: The Kaiser or The Surgeon.
Home town: Manching, Germany.
Date and place of birth: November 29, 1968 - Eschweiler, Germany.
Family: Divorced, daughter Celine is ten years old.
Wins / high finishes in last 12 months: Winner of 2006 World Pool Masters, runner-up in 2006 World Pool Championship, winner of 2007 Paris Open 9-Ball, winner 2007 Swiss 9-Ball Grand Prix, winner of 2007 BA Open 9-Ball.
Career achievements: 1996 World Champion 9-Ball, 2000 US Open 14.1, 2002 US Open 9-Ball, 2002 Mosconi Cup, five-time World Pool Masters champion (1994, 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2006).
Biggest disappointment: Losing in the finals of the 2005 European Championship (9-Ball) and the 2006 World 9-Ball Championship.
Favourite player: Efren Reyes.
Sponsors: Joss, Simonis, Gabriels, Seybert's, X-Breaker.
Co-sponsors: Q-Wiz, Stroke Sports.
Cues used: Joss & X-Breaker / Jump.
Hobbies: Borrusia Monchengladbach, music, cinema, table tennis, wrist watches.
Home pool room: Karo Double B in Ingolstadt, Germany.
Like about pool: The variety of shots and situations at the table and every day you learn something new.
Dislike about pool: Playing perfectly but still losing the match, big pockets.

ESPN Zone Billiards Shootout Trick Shot Magic in New York Hotel & Casino - New York VCD
Stefano Pelinga ( Italy ) - Nick Nikolaidis . The Champion Get US $ 25.000 . Gambar setajam Indovision . Stefano Pelinga ; 16 Time Italian Trick Shot Champion, 2004 European Artistic Pool Champion, 2003 US Open Artistic Pool Champion . Nick Nikolaidis ; 2 Time Canadian Trick Shot Champion, 2004 Trick Shot Magic Runner-up, 1997 Canadian 9 Ball Champion .


Las Vegas, NV - The glittering capital of gambling of the world, and of the vice in general, recently hosted for the third consecutive time the extremely successful competition “Trick Shot Magic”. The 8 best trick shot champions of the world gathered at the ESPN Zone, among them were the legendary Mike Massey (USA) and Stefano Pelinga (Italy), in addition to champions like Tom Rossman (USA), Nick Nikolaidis (Canada) and Sebastian Giumelli (Argentina). During the 2-day competition, in spite of having only two attempts available, the players displayed such an array of spectacular and extremely difficult shots to often amaze the fortunate audience.

The vast majority of the pool fans was waiting, as always, for a final match between Massey and Pelinga but, unfortunately the two good friends had to face each other in the quarter-finals where the Italian champion only just won by one point 9 to 8, thanks to a risky “grand masse”. Stefano then prevailed easily against Tom Rossman in the semifinal winning 14 to 9 with four more shots to still go and scoring for the second time (the first time happened against Charles Darling) the highest score in the “Trick Shot Magic” history. In the other semifinal Canadian Nick Nikolaidis eliminated young Polish Szywala. The captivating final match was surely full of breath-taking surprises: after a slow and uncertain start for both, Stefano was two points behind with only two shots left. With the score being 7-5 Nikolaidis then missed both his attempts whereas Stefano, relying again on his huge familiarity with masse shots, accomplished both of his shots and thus making the score even 7-7. Only the tie-breaker was left: a 9-rail shot after which the cueball has to stop on top of a 100-dollar bill place by a corner pocket. Nikolaidis brilliantly stopped his cueball only one inch from the center of the note whereas Stefano, although he shot his only attempt under a lot of pressure, being only one shot away from the title and from $25K, stopped the cueball right in the note’s center winning the match. Stay tuned folks on the ESPN, starting Dec. 18 at 2.30pm ET, for watching the most exciting “Trick Shot Magic” ever !!!

World Pool Championship

World Pool Championship 2002 Final in Cardiff – Wales DVD
Earl Strickland ( USA ) vs Fransisco Bustamante ( Filipina ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision Race to 17 Hingga Penyerahan Piala. Pertandingan .

Earl Strickland ( USA )

Date Of Birth: 8 June 1961
Based: Roseboro, North Carolina, USA
Hobbies: Running, golf and tennis
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Runner-up in 2006 World Cup of Pool, became a Hall Of Fame member in 2006 and was a member of the American team that won the 2005 Mosconi Cup
Highlight Of Career: 1990, 1991, 2002 World Pool Champion, US Open champion (5 times), 2003 Joss 9-ball Tour Rochester winner, 2003 8-ball Professional Players Championship - 3rd, 2002 World Pool League Runner-up, Hall Of Fame member
WPC Record: 90- Winner, 91 - Winner, 92 - Quarter-finals, 99- L64, 00- Semi Final, 01- L32, 02- Champion, 03- Semi Final, 04– L16, 05 - L64
Cue Used: Cuetec
Nickname: The Pearl
Favourite Player: Willie Mosconi

Fransisco Bustamante ( Filipina )

Date Of Birth: 29 December 1963
Based: Tariac, Philippines.
Hobbies: Watching cockfights.
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Winner (with Efren Reyes) of the 2006 World Cup of Pool, winner of the Bali Open, Indonesia, winner of Philippine 9-Ball Open.
Highlight Of Career: Winning the World Cup of Pool with Efren Reyes in 2006, US Player of the Year in 1998, winning three straight events in Japan.
WPC Record: 99- Semi Finals, 00- L64, 01- L64, 02- Runner Up, 03 – L8, 04 – L32, 05 - L64, 06 - L64
Cue Used: Bear Cues.
Nickname: Django
Favourite Player: Buddy Hall

World Pool Championship 2003 Semi Final in Cardiff – Wales DVD
Thorsten Hohmann ( German ) vs Earl Strickland ( USA ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision
Race to 11 .

World Pool Championship 2003 Semi Final in Cardiff - Wales others match . DVD
Alex Pagulayan ( Canada ) vs Tony Drago ( Malta ) Race To 11 . Gambar Setajam Indovision .

Tony Drago ( Malta )

Date Of Birth: 22 September 1965
Based: Valletta, Malta
Hobbies: Tennis, football and watching movies
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Runner-up in 2007 Euro Tour event (Rankweil, Austria) Quarter-finalist in the 2006 World Pool Masters and Amsterdam Open winner.
Highlight Of Career: 1999 China Snooker Masters champion, 2003 World Pool Masters champion, reached the semi-finals of the 2003 World Pool Championships and won the Amsterdam Open.
WPC Record: 99- L64, 00- Grp Stages, 01- L32, 02- Grp Stages, 03- Semi-final, 04- L64, 05 - L64, 06 - Grp Stages
Cue Used: John Parris
Nickname: Tornado
Favourite Player: Oliver Ortmann

World Pool Championship 2003 Final in Cardiff – Wales DVD
Thorsten Hohmann ( German ) vs Alex Pagulayan ( Canada ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision Race to 17 Hingga Penyerahan Piala .Pertandingan .

Thorsten Hohmann ( German )


Date Of Birth: 14 July 1979
Based: Jacksonville, Florida
Hobbies: Reading, sports, music, going to the gym
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Winner of 2006 IPT North American Open, winner of European Straight Pool Championships, winner of 2005 World Pool League.
Highlight Of Career: 2003 World Pool Champion, 2005 BCA Open Champion, 2005 European Straight Pool Champion, 2006 IPT North American Open winner.
WPC Record: 01- L32, 02- L32, 03- Champion, 04- L32, 05 - Quarter-finals
Cue Used: Lucasi
Nickname: The Hitman
Favourite Player: None

Alex Pagulayan ( Canada )

Date Of Birth: 25 June 1978
Based: Manila, Philippines
Hobbies: Poker and basketball
Highlight In The Last 12 Months: Runner-up in 2006 World Pool Masters, 13th in 2006 IPT North American Open, winner of 2005 US Open
Highlight Of Career: 2005 US Open Champion, 2004 World Pool Champion, Canadian champion (twice), 2003 Canadian 9-Ball Champion; 2004 BCA Open semi-finalist, 2003 US Open runner-up
WPC Record: 99- L64, 00- L16, 01- L64, 02- L16, 03- Runner-up, 04- Champion, 05 - L32
Cue Used: Schon butt, Predator shaft
Nickname: The Lion
Favourite Player: Efren Reyes

World Pool Championship 2004 Final in Taiwan DVD
Alex Pagulayan ( Canada ) vs Chang Pei Wei ( Taiwan ) Race To 17, Hingga Penyerahan Piala .Pertandingan Gambar Setajam Indovision

CHANG Pei-Wei - Chinese Taipei

Date Of Birth: 10 March 1979
Based: Taipei
Hobbies: Fishing
Highlight In The Last 12 Months:
Highlight Of Career: Runner-up at 2004 World Pool Championships, World Continental Team Cup winning team member, 2004 National Pro Tour champion
WPC Record: 03- Grp Stages, 04- Runner-up, 05 - L64
Cue Used: Rays
Nickname: Shoe Leather (sounds like my Chinese name!)
Favourite Player: Earl Strickland

World Pool Championship 2005 Final in Kaohsiung 2 VCD
Wu Chia Ching ( China ) vs Kuo Po-Cheng ( China ) Gambar tajam kualitas indovision Race to 17 Hingga Penyerahan Piala. Pertandingan .

The WPC 2005 Final with Chia-Ching Wu vs. Po-Cheng Kuo (17-16) single contains over 3 1/2 hours of one of the most memorable World Pool Championship finals ever. The final between Wu and Kou is a marathon race to 17 and is the exciting end result of 10 days of grueling competition that began with 128 (16 groups of 8) fierce world class competitors battling it out for the $75.000.00 grand prize.

Don't Delay, Order Online NOW!!!!

Don't miss out on the global break through of Wu Chia-Ching (an amazing 16 years of age at the time) as the youngest ever World Pool Champion, who then clinched the 2005 World 8-ball Championship title to prove he is destined to be one of the all time greats. So order now and start enjoying some of the best pool ever.
This special 3 1/2 hour plus final features one of the greatest comebacks of all time with Wu (the youngest World Pool Champion ever at 16 years of age) down 16-12 stunning the pool world by running four racks straight to make WPC history.

The crucial final rack never fails to leave you on the edge of your seat when a visibly shaken Wu, within reach of victory, runs out of position near the end and has to sit down between shots to compose himself. Needless to say the emotional ending is truly a moment to remember and now it is our pleasure to offer on vcd for all you fans out there who have been waiting.

World Pool Championship 2006 in Manila ( Filipina ) Group Stage 2 DVD
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Radoslaw Babica ( Polandia ) Group 2 Race to 8 . Gambar setajam Indovision .

World Pool Championship 2006 in Manila ( Filipina ) Group Stage 2 DVD
Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) vs Roy Apancho ( Indonesia ) Group 2 Race To 8 .
Gambar setajam Indovision .

World Pool Championship 2006 in Manila ( Filipina ) Group Stage 2, 10 & 24 .DVD
Liu Cheng-Chuan ( Taipei ) vs Tony Drago ( Malta ) Race To 8 Group 24 .
Tony Crosby ( USA ) vs Efren Reyes ( Filipina ) Race to 8 Group 2 . Darren Appleton ( England ) vs Prince Muhtadee Billah ( Brunei ) Race to 8 Group 10 .
Gambar setajam Indovision .

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