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15 Album Metal Terbaik 2011 (All Styles)

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    Default 15 Album Metal Terbaik 2011 (All Styles)

    [h=4]While Heaven Wept[/h] [h=5]Fear of Infinity (2011)[/h]
    Words cannot describe just how much this album impacted me personally. The music is a perfect combination of slow and brooding doom metal with traditional metal elements and power metal/progressive metal vocals. The lyrics are intriguing and genuinely chilling, the musicianship is stellar and the overall sound of the album can only be described as EPIC!! I'm as surprised as anybody to find this one on the top of my 2011 metal list, but what can I say...It's brilliant.
    [h=4]Alestorm[/h] [h=5]Back Through Time (2011)[/h]
    Yeah that's right...So What!! I really don't care how much flack these guys cop from the general metal listening public, I think they are a great band with a great gimmick and they write some of the most fun and enjoyable tunes I've ever heard. I thought their previous album was a bit of a let-down, but happy to say that BACK THROUGH TIME finds them in fine, fine form!
    [h=4]Primordial[/h] [h=5]Redemption at the Puritan's Hand (2011)[/h]
    PRIMORDIAL are one of those bands that just demand attention every time they release a new album. REDEMPTION may just be their best ans most complete effort yet and it's epic soundscapes are perfect for a session with headphones. The black metal elements are toned down a bit more again this time around and the band just sound better for it.
    [h=4]Arch Enemy[/h] [h=5]Khaos Legions (2011)[/h]
    I've been a fan of these guys for a fair while now and always expect for their albums to be amazing. KHAOS LEGIONS doesn't disappoint and is yet another highlight album in their career. I liked this one a tiny bit less than the slightly more melodic previous album, but still....This is one of the best death metal releases of the year easily.
    [h=4]Scar Symmetry[/h] [h=5]The Unseen Empire (2011)[/h]
    If for some reason you are yet to hear this modern day masterpiece, drop what you're doing right now and go and get yourself a copy. This is the band's best work to date and had enough to keep all metal fans happy. i'm sure there's still some amazing releases set for 2011, but for the time being I find it unlikely that an album will come along and push this one off top spot.
    [h=4]Stratovarius[/h] [h=5]Elysium (2011)[/h]
    A great return to form by a band that a lot of people had written off due to the 2009 release POLARIS. Whilst that album wasn't terrible it surely didn't meet the standard expected from STRATOVARIUS. ELYSIUM rights everything that was wrong and is truly a stellar power metal album in all regards and worthy of a very high placing on this list. Also, how cool is that cover artwork!?!
    [h=4]Protest the Hero[/h] [h=5]Scurrilous (2011)[/h]
    Yeah I know haters are gonna hate and all that crap, but you know what, I don't give a damn!!! This is one of the most interesting albums I've heard in years and one that truly deserves it's high placing on my list. As the band have gone on they have shed the metalcore elements and now have a very unique sound that merges alternative rock and progressive metal. Recommended to any and all...
    [h=4]Deicide[/h] [h=5]To Hell With God (2011)[/h]
    finally DEICIDE release an album worthy of the legacy of their earlier stuff. I know a lot of people don't like this band and think that their lyrics and song subject matter are too cheesy, but i'm old-school and have waited a long time for another awesome DEICIDE album, and TO HELL WITH GOD is their best release in over a decade.
    [h=4]Conflicted[/h] [h=5]Never Be Tamed (2011)[/h]
    Absolutely friggen' brilliant!!!! The way these guys manage to take SYMPHONY X and DREAM THEATER type progressive metal and then infuse elements of melodic metal, power metal, traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM is amazing. This is progressive metal music that still remembers to aim for the MUSIC side of things first then add the impressive PROGRESSIVE elements.
    [h=4]Power Quest[/h] [h=5]Blood Alliance (2011)[/h]
    How good is it to finally have a Power Quest album up in the top section of a best of list for once. We all know that this band just never quite had the goods to be great, but now with a whole new slew of band members, and keyboardist Steve Williams realizing that the guitars need to be more prominent everything had finally fallen into place. Some really awesome songs to be found here and one of my favorites for 2011 for sure. Also, check out that mad-ass artwork!!!
    [h=4]Stargazery[/h] [h=5]Eye on the Sky (2011)[/h]
    What a surprisingly awesome release this one is. Featuring members from BURNING POINT, POISON BLACK and MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, STARGAZERY are a true super-group of European metal. A very traditional metal sounding album with just enough symphonic metal, power metal and melodic rock to make a very interesting concoction and one of the true highlights of 2011.
    [h=4]MyGrain[/h] [h=5]MyGrain (2011)[/h]
    A very good take on the modern Gothenburg melodeath style. Nothing really new here but what is here is catchy and brutal at the same time. One of the better albums in the style that i've heard for quite a while and one that will stay in my rotation for a while yet...
    [h=4]Turisas[/h] [h=5]Stand Up and Fight (2011)[/h]
    STAND UP AND FIGHT is officially the single most finest release to ever come out of the whole BATTLE METAL sub-genre and clearly the best TURISAS album so far. This is going to be one of my favorite albums of the year because each song is a killer and from start to stop it's a very fun experience.
    [h=4]Destruction[/h] [h=5]Day of Reckoning (2011)[/h]
    The best DESTRUCTION album in about fifteen years and a real reminded of why they were so popular in days gone by. I found six or seven real keepers here, and for a genre like thrash metal that's a pretty fair amount of keepers from one album, a lot of thrash bands are lucky to have six or seven songs in their whole discography that a true keepers. Well done DESTRUCTION, what address should i send the doctor's bill for my snapped neck to?
    [h=4]DevilDriver[/h] [h=5]Beast (2011)[/h]
    Well, who knew that Dez and co had an album this good in them hey? Not me that's for sure. No ties to Nu-Metal, no ties to Metal-Core, just some real ass-kicking American Heavy Metal. If they can keep this up going forward i see myself getting in to them much more than i ever thought i would.
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